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  Ham Radio
While in flight on the trip, I used some of my free time when in oceanic (international) airspace to talk by HF radio with many amateur radio operators ("hams") all around the world. Although a licensed ham since childhood (call sign WA8FRY), I had never before had an opportunity to operate a ham rig from an airplane, let alone from diverse and remote locations all over the world. What a splendid opportunity!

Given the advantageous ionospheric conditions that prevailed during the trip, the excellent ground conductivity of seawater, and my average altitude (and thus, antenna height) of over a mile, I found that signals in the 14 MHz/20 meter ham band propagated extremely well. I made a large number of terrific contacts, all on that band.

Ham Radio The Mooney was equipped with an ICOM IC-706MKII HF transceiver (its control head is shown at near left in the picture) that fed through an ICOM automatic antenna tuner to an aviation grade long wire antenna. The antenna was strung from a feed-through port on the left rear fuselage out to the left forward tip of the horizontal stabilizer and then forward to a flexible mount at the left wing tip. The total antenna length was approximately 25 ft. Transmitter output power was 100 watts peak envelope power on upper side band.

The following is a complete list of all the QSO's (i.e., contacts) made while on the trip. They are grouped according to trip leg. As you can see, there were only a few legs where I had sufficient free time as well as good HF operating conditions (usually late nights) to do this.

Each QSO is listed with the station's call sign first, followed by the operator's name (if available), followed by the station's geographic location (if available). If I have missed anybody, please let me know and I'll update or correct this listing.

To all the wonderful hams around the globe who kept me company on my long trek, thanks a bunch!

Contacts made on leg from Oakland, CA, USA to Hilo, HI, USA; 7 Sept 98
VK4SJ Jean Queensland, Australia
ZL1QG New Zealand
VK3CEW Australia
VK3CB Australia

Contacts made on leg from Kona, HI, USA to Apia, Western Samoa; 11 Sept 98
K7LSF Charlie Wilcox, AZ
W7AFF/7 (mobile in western USA)
W6AOK San Diego, CA

Contacts made on leg from Nadi, Fiji Islands to Brisbane, Australia; 17 Sept 98
OZ6TW Torben Middelfart, Denmark
VK3XN Ian Melbourne, Australia
KH6CDO Frank
KB5IQD Norvel

Contacts made on leg from Johor Bahru, Malaysia to Madras, India; 1 Oct 98
VU2AU Paran India
S21J Mantaz Dhaka, Bangladesh
RW9FM Moscow, Russia
VU2ABE Abie Shillong, India
W3PID/DU9 Philippines (portable)
VK6NU John Perth, Australia

Contacts made on leg from Trivandrum, India to Seychelles Islands; 3 Oct 98
OE3HPU Hans Vienna, Austria
VU2UKT Unni Madras, India
HA5JI Gyuri
A61AJ Ali Dubai, UAE
VU3NAX Abdul Southern India
DJ8QQ Horst near Hamburg, Germany
S21YE Andrew Dhaka, Bangladesh
DL2KWE Uwe Northeastern Germany
VE3JV Wayne near Toronto, Ontario, Canada
WB4NXS Chris North Carolina
W9DY/9 (mobile near Chicago, IL)
VK2DON Don Sydney, Australia
4X6KA Yair Tel Aviv, Israel
K9WR Bill Chicago, IL
G4DST Rob United Kingdom

Contacts made on leg from Abidjan, Ivory Coast to Sal, Cape Verde; 20 Oct 98
ZD7WRG Johny St. Helena Is.
EW200M Kaz Belarus
ZS2ABC Pierre Pt. Elizabeth, So. Africa
DM2DXA Uwe Germany
ZS1HL Artie Capetown, So. Africa
ZS6AQS Don Pretoria, So. Africa

Contacts made on leg from Sal, Cape Verde to Bridgetown, Barbados; 22/23 Oct 98
WP4A Allan
W8IIP Joe Dayton, OH
8P6NY Ivan
WA2HLV San Juan, PR
N3BBT Chavez
VK2ZE Larry Australia
NV0P Greg Mobile in NC
K9YAX Bob Chicago
EA1XF Jess Spain
NR8O Ron Cincinnati, OH
VE1ACJ Howie St. Stephen, NB, Canada
KC6SFI Bill Mojave, CA
W2QGA Bill
W1GY Bill Burlington, CT
W6DMJ/0 Jerry Minnesota
KG8ET Jackie
W8ZNH Bill Big Rapids, MI
9Z4CT Nigel Trinidad
HP1/DL1RBR Ramaer Near Panama
PS7SAS Sergio Brazil (NE corner)
W0JMZ Don St. Paul, MN
W0LBK Arlo Cedar Rapids, IA
WA3JVE Mike Annapolis, MD

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