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  Reports Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe - Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

It was even harder leaving Giraffe Springs than it was the Seychelles. Still, it was time to resume my journey, so at about noon on October 12th I was shuttled back to the airstrip for the short trip back to Hwange Airport. The bush pilot who picked me up this time was Chris, a friendly chap who graciously helped me through the flight plan filing process at Hwange after we landed.

Since my next international stop was Windhoek, Namibia, I would first have to fly from Hwange to another Zimbabwean airport near the border to complete exit formalities. Hwange had no customs or immigration officers on site. I decided to hop up to Victoria Falls, a short 86 mile flight, where there were all the necessary officials to give me the documents I needed to exit Zimbabwe. While in Giraffe Springs I had been persuaded by several of the other campers there to spend a full day at the Falls, since it would certainly, they argued, be a sight I wouldn't soon forget. They were right! I stayed the night at the Victoria Falls Hotel, which is located right adjacent to the Zimbabwe side of this magnificent geological wonder. Here are a few pictures, but they can't possibly do justice to these magnificent falls. I'll simply comment that after seeing the Victoria Falls, Niagara is forever reduced to a mere trickle in my mind's eye.

As spectacular as they are, these falls are currently running at far less than full flow, due both to the late stage of the current dry season and the intentional diversion of much of the water by manmade means for various engineering and resource management purposes. I spent the night at the renowned Victoria Falls Hotel, which was located immediately adjacent to the falls themselves.
The multi-mile long, 300+ ft deep gorge down river of the falls. The Zimbabwean government seems far less worried about liability suits that we are in the States, as shown by my unobstructed ability to walk right up to the edge and sit down for the picture. I wouldn't advise this perch if you're bothered by heights!

Next Stop: Windhoek, Nambia (International Airport)

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